What Is Dry Mist?


Traditional wipe-and-spray bottle disinfectants require you to manually disinfect every surface within your space. Unfortunately, it’s easy to miss those out of reach spots where bacteria can thrive. The solution is dry-mist disinfectant, applied via sprayer.

What Is Dry Mist?

To qualify as a mist, the droplets of a disinfectant solution must be between 30-to-60 microns. These droplets are tiny and evaporate quickly into the air. This means when the droplets hit a surface, they’re virtually dry on contact. Dry-mist disinfectant doesn’t require wiping or rinsing. Plus, when distributing via sprayer, the droplets land on every nook and cranny, improving the efficiency of the disinfection process.

Dry-mist sprayers allow you to spray large areas fast. For example, the MistMAXX360 Hurricane SP has a spray distance of up to 50 feet. Disinfecting warehouses, factories, hospitals and other large facilities is simple with dry-mist disinfectant sprayers.

Microns Matter

What’s the importance of droplet size? There are various types of droplets based on their size. For example, a wet fog has a droplet size of 20-to-30 microns while a fine spray has a size of above 60 microns. 

A dry fog or mist, with a droplet size of between 30-to-60 microns, is best if you want droplets to diffuse widely throughout a space. These droplets cover a larger area, are easily carried through the air and they diffuse quickly. MistMAXX360 sprayers deliver a droplet spray above 50 microns, qualifying them as misting devices perfect for disinfection.

Dwell Time: Why It’s Important

Dry-mist sprayers also allow for optimum dwell time after disinfection. Dwell time is the amount of time a disinfectant must sit on a surface in order to kill bacteria. Most wet disinfectants have a kill time between 5-to-10 minutes. 

Unfortunately, human error may result in a disinfectant that’s wiped or rinsed too soon. Due to the nature of dry mist, there’s no need to wipe or rinse. The disinfectant stays in contact with the surface.

Start Fighting Against the Spread of Disease With MistMAXX360

Disinfecting shouldn’t be difficult to manage. To help stop the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, you need a dry-mist disinfecting sprayer. To order your sprayer today, check out our available products.