The History of MistMAXX 360

Although MistMAXX 360 was founded in the spring of 2020, our story begins decades before. Our founders, Brent Rehm and Drew Neupert, have been designing, building, and using sprayers for vaccinating and disinfecting for many years.

As a critical member of the poultry business for over 35 years, Brent was responsible for developing and implementing successful liquid spray vaccinating equipment that’s used to this day. In 1995, he took his passion for invention over to snowmobiles by founding PSI of Minnesota with Drew. At this location, they built their first liquid sprayer.

In 2015, Brent worked closely on a test project with Merck and the University of Georgia to develop an air atomizer liquid sprayer. It was his goal to do his part in replacing labor-intensive poultry vaccination. At this time, Brent and Drew realized the need for developing a high-quality and effective liquid sprayer, forming their next venture, Northland Boom & Custom Spray.

For the next five years, Brent and Drew would lead the poultry industry forward, supplying high-quality spray equipment to poultry houses across the country. Yet, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the two turned their attention to disease prevention. They repurposed their poultry sprayer line and developed the MistMAXX 360 disinfectant mist sprayer to reduce the spread of the deadly virus.

About the MistMAXX 360 Founders: Brent Rehm & Drew Neupert

Drew Neupert

Drew was born and raised in a small agriculture community in Wisconsin. Yet, his passion was for anything mechanical. As a child, he enjoyed working on the farms to simply be around the equipment, not the land or the animals.

At the age of 6, he discovered snowmobiles and never looked back. During his college years, he became a “snow gypsy.” In 1994, Drew moved to Minnesota to be closer to snowmobiling opportunities. And in 1995, he opened PSI of Minnesota, a high-performance snowmobile company. At the same time, Drew took his love for mechanics and started building poultry sprayers with Brent.

Between 2001 and 2015, Drew spent his time building snowmobiles and performance engines for PSI corporate. He also purchased and opened two convenience stores in Minnesota. It wasn’t until 2015 that he started assisting Brent in building sprayers once again. This would also be the year he would co-found Northland Boom & Custom Spray.

In 2020, Drew used his mechanical expertise to help repurpose Northland’s poultry sprayers into effective disinfectant mist sprayers. As a result, MistMAXX 360 was formed.

Brent Rehm

Brent Rehm was born and raised in a small agricultural farming community in Wisconsin. A 3rd generation poultry farmer, Brent started working on his father’s chicken farm at the young age of six. He dedicated himself to the responsibilities of hiring and training crews to disinfect barns and vaccinate birds. Of course, he also sold his fair share of chicks from his family’s hatchery.

In 1990, Brent moved to Minnesota to start and run a pullet (young hen) program. Under his direction, his family’s pullet operation would grow to be in the upper 10% of pullet growers. It was here that he developed his first spray vaccine program to protect his pullet locations.

Soon after, Brent joined forces with Drew to design and develop systems to spray entire poultry flocks at once. Unfortunately, in 2015, his family’s facilities were affected by the Avian Influenza outbreak that hit the Midwest with force. Working intimately with both state and federal governments, he helped control and ultimately eradicate the virus through procedures he helped develop.

Now, Brent wants to do his part in eradicating COVID-19. He splits his time between Northland Boom, his poultry consulting business and MistMAXX 360.