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Hurricane XL

Powerful & Portable Disinfectant Dry Mist Sprayer for Large Spaces

The Hurricane XL is a heavy-duty and portable disinfectant sprayer. The large 35-gallon tank capacity results in coverage for even the largest spaces. Warehouses, hospitals and even manufacturing plants are no match for the Hurricane XL’s dry-acting disinfectant mist. The mist covers every nook and cranny of your space, requiring no wipe down or rinse.

The Hurricane XL can spray disinfectant up to 50 feet. And although the sprayer is robust, it is also compact and on wheels for easy transportation. Plus, it’s completely cordless, requiring no external

Zero Wipe

Our dry-acting mist quickly covers every area in a given space. Due to the droplet size of the mist, it evaporates quickly—eliminating the need to wipe or rinse.


The Hurricane XL was designed for comfort and portability. With four wheels, the sprayer is easy to maneuver in even the tightest spaces. It’s also lightweight to avoid fatigue when disinfecting large areas.

Quick & Efficient

Our Hurricane XL disinfectant sprayer machine has a spray distance of 50 feet, reaching places disinfectant wipes and bottle sprays can’t. With the 35-gallon tank, you can cover unlimited square feet of space in no time.


There’s no power cord attached to your Hurricane XL. This means you can easily disinfectant any size space without the need for a power outlet. With the included lithium-ion battery, you can expect a lifetime of 2,000 to 3,000 cycles.


We offer a one-year limited warranty on parts as well as a lifetime warranty on the Hurricane XL’s chassis. You can trust your disinfectant sprayer machine to last.


We offer several customization options for your Hurricane XL to design a sprayer that fits your specific needs.

Technical Specifications

  • Model #: SBMM—3512-16 “Hurricane XL”
  • Includes: Sprayer, spray boom, battery, battery charger and maintainer
  • Dimensions: 55 ½” x 20” x 43”
  • Air Compressor: High performance, 12 VDC
    Power: Cordless 12 VDC
  • Grounding: Not required
  • Droplet Size: 10 microns to 120 microns, adjustable
  • Spray Distance: Up to 50 feet
    Tank Capacity: 35 gallons
  • Coverage: Unlimited square feet
  • Patented: Pending
    Chemicals: Any non-flammable liquid
  • Battery: Lithium: Ion Smart Battery, 14.6 V., 300Ah
  • Battery Included: 1
  • Battery Life: 2,000-3,000 cycles
  • Charger: Brilliant Battery Charger / Maintainer
  • Shipping: LTL
  • Warranty: One-year limited with a lifetime warranty on chassis

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