Electrostatic vs. Non-Electrostatic Sprayers: What’s the Difference?


Not all disinfectant sprayers are created equal. And with so many sprayers on the market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the choices. The two most common types of sprayers include electrostatic and dry mist or fogger sprayers. Which one is best for you?

What Is an Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer?

Companies like Victory and Emist create disinfectant sprayers that rely on electrostatically charged mist to do the disinfectant work. These products use a disinfectant solution combined with air that’s atomized by an electrode within the sprayer. Since the particles are positively charged, they cling to the surfaces the mist lands on.

Sure, electrostatic sprayers are a better choice than disinfectant bottle sprays or wipes. Yet, when selecting the right sprayer for your application, you must understand where they miss the mark.


First, electrostatic disinfectant must reach every surface to be effective. This means the user must be sure to spray each surface within a space. This takes time and effort, especially for large spaces such as warehouses and hospitals. Missed surfaces allow pathogens to remain.

Drying Time

Most facilities require fast disinfecting of surfaces during non-work hours or while spaces are empty. Unfortunately, this can be difficult for organizations using electrostatic spray, which goes on wet and must dry before surfaces can be used. The liquid nature of the spray could damage critical equipment in hospitals and other environments.

Safety Concerns

Users who don’t know how to use the electrostatic sprayer effectively have the risk of experiencing electrostatic shock. Electrostatic sprayers also tend to be heavier than other sprayers, which can lead to injury.

Non-Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayers

Companies such as Foam-iT and MistMAXX360 produce non-electrostatic disinfectant sprayers. Also known as dry-mist sprayers or foggers, non-electrostatic sprayers don’t use electricity to charge the chemical. Instead, the dry mist sprayer simply uses a disinfectant solution to coat surfaces.

The Benefits of Dry Mist

Dry mist or dry-acting mist is very fine. When it’s sprayed, the disinfectant solution is technically wet, but it evaporates so quickly that it’s considered dry. This dry mist doesn’t require any wiping or rinsing and there’s virtually no dry time required.

Dry mist is highly effective at disinfecting even the largest spaces. It coats hard to reach surfaces with minimal effort. Our dry mist sprayers can reach up to 30 feet at a time, speeding up your disinfecting time.

In further contrast to electrostatic sprayers, dry mist requires no electrostatic charge to be effective. Plus, our dry mist sprayers are light, cordless and easy to use for all.

Properly Disinfect Your Space With a MistMAXX360 Dry Mist Sprayer

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