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Hurricane SP

Our Self-Propelled Portable Disinfectant Dry-Mist Sprayer

The Hurricane SP is our heaviest duty disinfectant sprayer machine yet. It’s self-propelled, enabling you to disinfect larges areas with ease. The sprayer’s design allows for both lightweight and heavy-duty continuous spraying. Although robust, it’s also compact, fitting in tight spaces that other sprayers can’t reach.

Our self-propelled sprayer doesn’t require an external power source. Plus, the 35-gallon disinfectant tank allows you to disinfect large areas such as warehouses, manufacturing plants and healthcare facilities fast.

All-Terrain Tires

The Hurricane SP features all-terrain tries, perfect for inside or outside use. It’s a powerhouse for disinfecting virtually any area regardless of size.

No Wipe, No Rinse

The dry-acting mist disinfectant evaporates fast. There’s no need to wipe or rinse surfaces after you spray, speeding up the disinfectant process.

Thorough Disinfecting

Disinfecting wipes and bottle sprays don’t reach every surface. The dry-acting disinfectant allows you to thoroughly disinfect every nook and cranny of your space.


Power cords only slow the disinfecting process down. And to fight infection, time is of the essence. Our sprayers are propelled by batteries—no external power source required.

Long Spray Distance

The Hurricane SP has a spray distance of up to 50 feet. From small bathrooms to large fitness centers, there’s not a job the Hurricane SP can’t handle.


Each of our sprayers come with a one-year limited warranty on all parts. The Hurricane SP portable disinfectant sprayer also comes with a lifetime warranty on the chassis.

Technical Specifications

  • Model #: FBMM—3524-16 “Hurricane SP”
  • Includes: Sprayer, 2 batteries, spray boom, owner’s manual, battery charger and maintainer
  • Dimensions: 55 ½” x 26” x 43”
  • Propulsion: 24 VDC transaxle
  • Air Compressor: High performance, 24 VDC
    Power: Cordless 24 VDC
  • Grounding: Not required
  • Droplet Size: 10 microns to 120 microns, adjustable
  • Spray Distance: Up to 50 feet
  • Tank Capacity: 35 gallons
  • Coverage: Unlimited square feet
  • Patented: Pending
  • Chemicals: Any non-flammable liquid
  • Battery: Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) 1800A, 214Ah
  • Battery Included: 2 required
  • Battery Life: 2,000-3,000 cycles
  • Charger: Brilliant Battery Charger / Maintainer
  • Shipping: LTL
  • Warranty: One-year limited with a lifetime warranty on chassis

Order Your MistMAXX 360 Hurricane SP Today

The MistMAXX 360 team is here to help you customize the Hurricane SP disinfectant sprayer machine to fit your application requirements. To learn more about the Hurricane SP or to purchase, give us a call at 320-630-5010.